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Regular Schedule

Although our daily minyan has resumed, due to COVID-19, attendance is limited and conditional, for the time being. Please contact us to find out how to secure your spot.

Click on the tefila you want to see our regular schedule for.

Due to COVID-19, attendance is restricted.


Sunday: 9:00 AM

Monday-Friday: 7:10 AM

Shabbos: 10:00 AM

(except on Shabbos Mevorchim when tehillem is at 8:15 AM and Shachris is 10:30 AM)


Sunday: 7:30 PM

Monday-Thursday: 6:30 PM

In the summer, the time listed above is for Mincha. In the winter, that is the time for Maariv.

Contact Rabbi Botnick to find out about the unspecified tefilla.

Erev Shabbos: at licht bentchen

Shabbos: five minutes earlier than Erev Shabbos

Times are different on Yomim Tovim, Chol Hamoeid, Purim and taaneisim.