Rabbi Dovid Hayes
Director, Chabad-Lubavitch of Ottawa
(613) 688-2025 extension 350

We are physically located at:
889 Lady Ellen Place in Ottawa.

Rabbi Yehoshua Botnick
Rov, Congregation Lubavitch
(613) 688-2025 extension 345

Either Rabbi Botnick or his designate is available, at this number, Sunday-Thursday 1-4 pm for shailos. For emergencies leave a message indicating urgency, at this number, any time.

Our Mailing Address: PO Box 35070, Ottawa, ON K1Z 1A2

When contacting us, we require valid contact information for you as the vast majority of inquiries, requests or offers require efficient follow-up. Thank you for your understanding.

Siyum Harambam 5780

Siyum HaRambam 5775

12 AM and a Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen will last another hour...

We look forward to hearing from you.